■ Automatic deposit by simple operation

Deposit Denominations

Japanese coin 6 denominations

(1 yen/ 5 yen/ 10 yen/ 50 yen/ 100 yen/ 500 yen)

Japanese banknotes 4 denominations

(1,000 yen/ 2,000 yen/ 5,000 yen/ 10,000 yen)

Deposit Speed

Coins: 5 coins per 1 second

Banknotes: 1 note for 1 second

Escrow Capacity

Coins: 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen 50 coins each

Other type of coins: 50 coins

Banknotes: 50 notes

Safety Box

Cassette Type Security Safe Box

Safety Box Capacity

Coins: 50 yen 800 coins, 10 yen and 100 700 coins each

Other type of coins: 450 coins

Banknotes: 2000 notes

Small payment machines with temopary stack function

A new rail system is used for both coin and banknote safe boxes. 
Since the safe boxes slide, it can be removed more smoothly and easily than conventional installation methods.

Rail System for Coin and Banknote Safe boxes

Front slide rail system is adopted for drawers of coin and banknote safe boxes to ensure smooth removal.



Automatic deposit machine TM-35S

Dimensions in mm

450 (W) × 500 (D) × 1030 (H)


Approximately 100kg

Supply Voltage


Memory Capacity

300 by ID (50 at online)

Money type counting and sorting function



Online, Offline