■ High-Speed processing and high-security functions
■ 4 denominations of banknote are acceptable

Deposit Denominations

Japanese banknotes 4 denominations

(1,000 yen/ 2,000 yen/ 5,000 yen/ 10,000 yen)

Maximum Deposit number of banknotes

50 notes in bulk

Deposit Speed

3 notes per 1 second

Recycler denominations

1,000 yen/ 10,000 yen

Cash Box Capacity

Recycler Box of 1,000 yen: 200 notes

Recycler Box of 10,000 yen: 500 notes

Cash Box: 2000 notes

Rejected Box: 100 notes

Maximum Dispense number of banknotes

50 notes in bulk

Dispense Speed

3 notes per 1 second

Do not keep users waiting

Mounting 50 banknote take-in function at the time of deposit. The processing speed is approximately 3 notes per 1 second for both deposits and disoenses, pursuing high-speed deposits and disoenses that do not keep users waiting.

Mounting a detachable cassette-type cash box and a rejected box

Rejected Box
Rejected Box
Cash Box
Cash Box

For cash collection inside the machine, a detachable cassette system is used in the cash and rejected boxes. The cash box can hold approximately 2,000 banknotes, enabling cash collection without directly touching even a large amount of banknotes. Reinforced plastic is used for the cash and rejected boxes, making them lightweight and designed to withstand hard use.

Temporary hold on 50 deposit banknotes

By adopting banknote take-in function at the time of deposit, 50 deposited banknotes can be temporarily held inside the device. When returning a deposit, the banknote can be returned as it is, it improve security.

Ease of maintenance

BNU take-in slot, banknote validation unit, and banknote transport sections are designed to be opened and closed with a single touch. 
Furthermore, the large opening and closing angles allow easy access to each section.



Banknote Recycler with a detached cash box ARC-20

Dimensions in mm

160 (W) × 290 (D) × 865 (H) (Excludes unevenness part)


Approximately 32kg

Supply Voltage