■ Compact Design, Large Capacity
■ Achieving the Perfect Harmony!

●Minimize Cash Processing Time

- Easy, contactless cash transactions

- Self-checkout compatible

●Eliminate Accounting Errors

- Effortless, precise calculations

- Dispenses change automatically

●Space Saving Design, Easy Setup

- Compact form factor

- Conveniently integrates into existing store layouts

●Advanced Security

Security features protect cash from theft, fortifying your finances

General Specifications


Increase reliability with drum recycling technology – the RCR-B guarantees seamless and secure transactions. A 4-denomination recycler designed to meet all customer requirements.



Cash in Speed

1 note per 3 second

Cash out Speed

1 note per 3 second

Recycling Denom Qty

Up to 4 denom

Capacity of the Note Recycler

30 in each Recycler

Cash Box Capacity

400 Notes

Dimensions in mm

170 (W) × 530 (D) × 270 (H)

*protruding part(s) not included


Experience unmatched durability with an 8-denomination hopper, coupled with high-speed coin acceptance and dispensing capabilities.

Input Tray Capacity

Up to 50 coins / time

Cash in Speed

2 coins per 1 second

Cash out Speed

3 coins per 1 second

Recycling Denom Qty

Up to 8 denom

Hopper Capacity

120 - 650 coins each

Dispensing Qty

50 coins

Dimensions in mm

300 (W) × 530 (D) × 270 (H)

*protruding part(s) not included

Configurations and Components

Typical Applications

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