■ Detachable cassettes system is used for both cash and recycler boxes

  • Compact banknote recycler is capable of recycling 2 denominations. A detachable cassettes system is used for both cash and recycler boxes, enhancing the security of cash collection .
  • Front access is used for the validation unit, transport part, and Cash box. Maintenance space can be significantly reduced.

Deposit Denominations

Japanese banknote 4 denominations

(1,000 yen/ 2,000 yen/ 5,000 yen/ 10,000 yen)

Deposit Speed

1 note for 5 seconds

Cash Box Capacity

Recycler Box (One thousand yen): 100 Notes

Recycler Box (Five thousand yen): 100 Notes

Cash Box (All denominations): 800 Notes (Option: 400 Notes)

Dispense Speed

1 note for 3 seconds



Banknote Recycler with 2-denomination recycling iPRO-RC

Dimensions in mm

114 (W) × 244 (D) × 511 (H)


Approx. 9.5kg

Supply Voltage