■ High-Speed Processing and Easy Maintenance
■ Mounting the function of separating and collecting 6 different coins

Deposit Denominations

Japanese coin 6 denominations

(1 yen/ 5 yen/ 10 yen/ 50 yen/ 100 yen/ 500 yen)

Deposit number of banknotes

50 coins in Bulk

Deposit Speed

5 coins per 1 second

Cash Box Capacity

1 yen/ 5 yen/ 10 yen/ 100 yen: 500 coins

500 yen: 300 coins

Dispense number of banknotes

50 coins in Bulk

Dispense Speed

999 yen per 3 second (Minimum number)

The function of inserting mixed-coins in bulk

The coin deposit slot of CRU-06 is designed to allow deposit mixed coins in bulk. Up to 50 coins can be deposited in bulk, and a coin sensor enables high-speed deposit processing and separate storage of 6 denominations.

The function of dispensing coins in bulk

The bulk-coin dispense system is used for dispensing coins. 
High-speed dispense of 999 yen per 3 seconds is available. (At Minimum number)

High capacity coin hoppers

The Coin Hoppers are provided for each of the 6 denominations, and they can hold approximately 300 coins of 500 yen and 500 coins for each of others.

Detachable coin hoppers, One-touch maintenance of each part

The coin hopper for each denomination is detachable from the main unit for easy maintenance. 
The coin transport and identification sensor sections can be opened and closed with a single touch for easy access.

The function of separating and collecting 6 different coins

The collection course is mounted for each denomination. Both collection of mixed coins in bulk, and separation and collection of coins in the device are available. 
* Cash Box is not included in this products. 



Coin Recycler CRU-06

Dimensions in mm

250 (W) × 500 (D) × 403 (H)(Excludes unevenness part)


Approximately 23kg

Supply Voltage



RS-232C(USB2.0 with factory option)