■ Coin recycler that allows deposits and withdrawals from both the front and rear of the machine
■ Optionally, automatic counting supplement

Deposit Denominations

Japanese coin 6 denominations

(1 yen/ 5 yen/ 10 yen/ 50 yen/ 100 yen/ 500 yen)

Deposit number of banknotes

Up to 3 coins

Deposit Speed

5 coins / 1 sec

Cash Box Capacity

1 yen/ 10 yen/ 50 yen/ 100 yen: 500 coins

500 yen: 300 coins

Dispense number of banknotes

50 coins in bulk

Dispense Speed

990 yen/ 4 sec (Minimum number)

Coin unit with double-sided

Coins can be deposited and dispensed from both the front (A-side) and rear (B-side) of the machines. 
One recycler can be used two lines of flow.

Optional coin supplement unit

Optical coin supplement can be installed on the top of the machine for automatic coin replenishment.



Coin Recycler with double-sided insertion slot CRU-06D

Dimensions in mm

With Supplement unit: 250 (W) × 670 (D) × 667 (H) (Excludes unevenness part)

Without Supplement unit: 250 (W) × 670 (D) × 810 (H) (Excludes unevenness part)


With Supplement unit: Approximately 38kg

Without Supplement unit: Approximately 48 kg

Supply Voltage