■ Banknote Recycler with Modular design
■ Optionally, customizable to various specifications

Supported Banknote Size

W: 60 – 85mm, L: 110 - 170mm

Deposit number of banknotes

Single note

Option: *Bulk note up to 30 notes (BNF)

Deposit Speed

2 notes per 1 second (USD)

Cash Box Capacity

Escrow: 15 notes

* 30 notes when using BNF unit

Recycler Unit: 2 Recycling Drums, 60 notes each

* Up to 4 Recycler Units can be mounted to machine

Retracted Banknote Box: Maximum 30 notes

Loading Cassette: Approximately 350 notes

Cash Box: Approximately 2,200 notes

Dispense number of banknotes

15 notes in Bulk

(Option) * Bulk note up to 30 notes (BNF)

Dispense Speed

2 notes per 1 second (USD)

Up to 8 denominations Recycler Unit

The Recycler Unit of this machine is a drum type that can wind and store approximately 60 notes.
2 recycling drums are mounted per Recycler Unit. Up to 4 Recycler Unit can be mounted to a machine and available 8 denominations recycling.

Customizable depending on the application

A variety of options are available, including the recycler unit, the BNF unit that enables bulk-note deposit and dispense, and the Loading Cassette. 
We are capable of meeting a variety of needs through customs. 
* Up to 32 configurations are available

Module Structure



Modular Banknote Recycler MRX

Dimensions in mm

165 (W) × 480 (D) × 912 (H)(Excludes unevenness part)


Approximately 47kg

Supply Voltage




*Specifications above are the following type of configuration:

Main Unit + 3 Recycler Unit + Loading cassette + Cash Box

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