■ Compact design and easy maintenance
■ 4 denominations are acceptable

Various functions in a compact body

The compact body that is 155mm width offers a variety of functions as a Banknote Recycler, including support for large denominations, 1,000 yen banknote recycling, bulk-note deposit and dispense, and easy maintenance. 
It is perfect for mounting a high-performance banknote processing unit in a limited space.

Deposit Denominations

Japanese banknotes 4 denominations

(1,000 yen/ 2,000 yen/ 5,000 yen/ 10,000 yen)

Maximum Deposit number of banknotes

20 notes in bulk

Deposit Speed

1 note per 1 second

Recycler denominations

1,000 yen

Cash Box Capacity

Recycler Box of 1,000 yen: 600 notes

Others: Mixed 200 notes

Maximum Dispense number of banknotes

20 notes in bulk

Dispense Speed

2 notes per 1 second

The bulk-note function for high-speed processing

A maximum of 20 notes can be deposited and dispensed in bulk.
Offering high-speed processing of 1 deposit note per approx. 1.2 sec. and 2 dispense notes for approx. 1 second.

Space-saving and automatic cleaning function

LEDs come standard on both the deposit and dispense slots. This supports saving space when building-in the unit. 
The main unit has cleaning mode. Automatic cleaning is available using the cleaning sheet that is attached.

Dispense validation function

Mounting a function for validation of dispense banknotes. Monitoring the flow of banknotes both at the time of deposit and dispense improves security and convenience.

Forward slide function for easy maintenance

The AD-1-2MC is mounted a slide mechanism in the unit base that pulls the unit body forward as a standard feature to enhance accessibility when building-in the unit. 
Open/closed sections are provided throughout the bill path, including the deposit slot, validation unit, and transport path, to enhance convenience in maintenance, such as cleaning and removal of unacceptable banknotes.



Banknote Recycler AD-1-2MC

Dimensions in mm

155 (W) × 250 (D) × H451 (H) (Excludes bezel part)


Approximately 13kg

Supply Voltage



RS-232C(RS-422A at Factory option)