Based on our globally recognized identification technology, we develop, manufacture and sell money handling machines, financial equipment and amusement industry equipment for the domestic and global markets.

Casinos/Gaming Market

“JCM, a Casino Industry Pioneer”

The first bill validator we made in 1981 was for Japanese yen only.
We then turned our attention to US dollars, the world’s highest volume currency, and succeeded in developing a bill validator for US dollars. Taking this opportunity, we began to change our focus from the manufacture of cash registers and safes to the creation of specialized products for worldwide currencies including yen with validation and identification technology.

Banking/Retail/Transportation Markets

“JCM Validation Technology Supports Currency Circulation in the World”

JCM expands our business into a wide range of markets including banking, retail and transportation to offer components for ATMs, ticket dispensers, adjustment machines, vending machines and kiosk terminals both domestically and overseas while taking advantage of our reliability and experience built up globally as a currency-handling expert.
We propose new technology and new products of high value by our local flexibility with established reputation through our own global network.

Equipment Market for Japanese Amusement Industry

“Application of Currency Handling Technology for Efficiency Gains in Japanese Amusement Industry”

The technology accumulated through gaming market is now established in the Japanese amusement industry including pachinko and pachislot.
As being required to provide technology to validate notes and coins, and to carry balls and tokens, we offer our customers technologies and products that anticipate their demand, ranging from systems on the floor to backyard machines, and flawless services to create parlors with environmentally-friendly concepts.