Company Philosophy

Guiding Principles

Management Philosophy

JCM Group manufactures and offers services truly from the same standpoint of our customers and users.We aim to be a truly global company that continues to create markets and value in the field of money circulation.

Company Logo

The inspiration of the design is the basic form of a standing wave generated by an electron movement in a hydrogen atom. When the standing wave is created, the wave of the electron is in a stable state. We symbolize this wave form, which represents basic movement of the electron in the atom, as our company logo to be the guiding principles for our employees. In the upper portion of the logo, the two circles overlap with a degree of independence, representing cooperation to accomplish a common goal or mission. The lower portion represents sharp directivity and energy, and also expresses true freedom spreading unlimitedly. Our company logo expresses the image of JCM Group aiming to develop perpetually while combining vibrations between two entities such as quality and the customer, trust and friendship, the universe and the self, and making the vibration period infinite.