January 1955

JCM is established at Nihonbashi, Minami-ku (now Chuo-ku), Osaka

February 1959

New plant built in Hirano Baba-cho, Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka. At first we sold and fixed cash registers, but then, in 1957 became a manufacturer to start producing its own products.

May 1974

Started manufacturing and selling electronic cash registers

Took advantage of technical know-how to aggressively expand range of products.

January 1981

Started manufacturing and selling bill validators for Yen following the popularization of vending machines

October 1986

Started manufacturing and selling bill validators for US dollar, focusing on the circulation of large quantities of counterfeit US dollars

June 1987

Established JCM GOLD (H.K.) LTD. and SHAFTY CO., LTD., both subsidiaries in Hong Kong, for the overseas production of cash registers

July 1988

Established JCM American Corporation., a subsidiary as marketing base for our products in the United States

September 1988

Started manufacturing and selling of token lenders installed between pachinko machines (marking start of manufacture and sale of Equipment for the Amusement Industry)

March 1990

Our bill validation units were installed for the first time in the US gaming market (making us pioneer in the same market)

February 1991

Opened new domestic plant at Nagahama to boost our production system (Nagahama Plant)

September 1993

Listed on the 2nd Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange as a special designated stock (and subsequently the special designation was removed in September 1995)

August 1998

Obtained ISO9001 certification

June 1999

Established JAPAN CASH MACHINE GERMANY GMBH (now JCM EUROPE GMBH) as European marketing base

February 2000

Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock exchange

April 2001

Acquired all shares of Meiho Shoji Co. Ltd (now JCM MEIHO CO., LTD) to put it into our group companies

March 2004

Established JCM UNITED KINGDOM LTD. (now JCM EUROPE GMBH UK branch) as marketing base for customers in the UK

July 2004

Obtained ISO14001 certification

September 2004

Listed on 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange

* Due to the merger of spot market of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange on July 16, 2013, we are currently listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange only

December 2005

Expanded Nagahama Plant to boost and consolidate domestic production base

November 2006

Established J-CASH MACHINE (THAILAND) CO., LTD to develop software for various currencies

May 2009

Acquired all shares Sammy Systems Co., Ltd (now JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD.) to put it into our group companies

October 2009

JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD merged with JCM TECHNOSUPPORT CO., LTD to complete integration of equipment business for amusement industry.

February 2010

Started operations at JCM Higashi Nihonbashi Building purchased in Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo as Tokyo Head Office of JCM and Head Office of JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD.

March 2010

Moved and integrated Sagamihara R&D laboratory into Tokyo Head Office

September 2010

Completed integration of domestic sales and R&D base by moving Kofu R&D laboratory to Tokyo Office

November 2010

Established JCM CHINA CO., LTD in Guangdong, China to support manufacture and sales of our products

April 2013

Split domestic sales department of JCM into JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD and made JCM MEIHO CO.,LTD. a wholly-owned subsidiary of JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD, by which the integration of domestic sales business is completed.

August 2014

Acquired a membership interest of 100% of FutureLogic Group, LLC., which is holding company of manufacturers and distributors of printer unit for gaming market, to put them into our group companies.

September 2016

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd transferred a portion of business of its consolidated subsidiary Silver Denken Co., Ltd to JCM to strengthen the technical development capability and improve the profitability of JCM's Equipment for the Amusement Industry business.

April 2017

Took over sales business of money handling mashines, etc for domestic financial, retail and transportation markets from JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD through an absorption-type split.

January 2020

Established J-CASH MACHINE GLOBAL MANUFACTURING (PHILIPPINES) INC. as manufacturing base for our products in Laguna, the Philippines.

January 2022

Established JCM COMMERCE MECHATRONICS,INC. as marketing base for our products in North, Central and South America.

April 2022

Moved to the prime market from the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock exchange due to review of the market classification of the Tokyo Stock exchange.

November 2022

Established JCM COMERCIO MECATRONICA BRASIL LTDA as marketing base for our products in Central and South America.

March 2023

Relocated Head office to Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka.

October 2023

Took over sales business of Amusement Industry Equipment, etc. from JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD through an absorption-type split and made JCM Meiho Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of our company.