Application of Currency Handling Technology for Efficiency Gains in Japanese Amusement Industry

The technology accumulated through gaming market is now established in the Japanese amusement industry including pachinko and pachislot.As being required to provide technology to validate notes and coins, and to carry balls and tokens, we offer our customers technologies and products that anticipate their demand, ranging from systems on the floor to backyard machines, and flawless services to create parlors with environmentally-friendly concepts.

Refined product group

We meet our customers needs through the application of the technology we have refined as a manufacturer of money-handling machines to develop and manufacture an expansive range of products, ranging from hall systems to backyard machines.

Comprehensive service system

We aim to provide total backup of hall management, from development and manufacture to sales and support, making full use of our country-wide service network. Seeking to provide true satisfaction to our customers, we established a cycle whereby customers share their views with us at sessions provided for that purpose and this information leads us to develop new products or application ideas.

Products progressing on 3 “clean” issues

  1. We ensure highly trustworthy hall management through partnerships with third-party organizations and the introduction products incorporating sound and transparent systems and cutting-edge security systems.
  2. We make cleanliness and comfort a feature of our halls and have partnered with Sharp (Corp) to propose air quality improvements through use of plasma ion technology.
  3. As part of our environmentally-friendly product development, we offer a polishing system, which reduces its environmental impact through use of special rollers, as part of our automatic medal supply and retrieval system. The system does no not produce waste water or suffer corrosion and reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 54% in comparison to the previous product.

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