JCM Validation Technology Supports Currency Circulation in the World

JCM expands our business into a wide range of markets including banking, retail and transportation to offer components for ATMs, ticket dispensers, adjustment machines, vending machines and kiosk terminals both domestically and overseas while taking advantage of our reliability and experience built up globally as a currency-handling expert.We propose new technology and new products of high value by our local flexibility with established reputation through our own global network.

Japanese Market

Maintenance services are provided by JCM SYSTEMS CO., LTD.


In-store ATMs, banks and foreign exchange stores are a main market.


Cash machines provided in facilities such as public racing tracks, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, bars & restaurants are a main market.


Cash machines provided in transport facilities such as buses, taxis, trains, car parks, gasoline stands etc. are a main market.

Overseas markets

JCM Group provides sales maintenance services from its American and European bases.


For questions or consulation on products for banking, retail and transportation, 
please inquire through the inquiry form on the website or call the following number:  +81-3-5962-3732 (Tokyo Office).