It is our objective to be a truly global business that continues to find new markets and create value in the currency circulation sector.

Since being established in 1955, our business has been about implementing measures to maintain peoples’ trust in money. We have aimed to realize an ideal of contributing to a stable and peaceful society through reducing the labor associated with money handling and ensuring the fair circulation of currency, while also expanding our field of business across the world.


As a medium to long term strategy, we are aiming to increase sales volumes and market share by developing new markets, especially in advancing economies, and deepening our commitment to existing markets and expanding the areas in which we do business through business alliances. To ensure the development and stable supply of products, we are working to increase order volumes in Japan and overseas, improve the research and development capabilities critical to any manufacturer, ensure stable and improving quality, and respond quickly to diverse and sophisticated customer needs. In addition, we have reviewed the transfer of production overseas and the outsourcing of certain production processes which hereto has focused on China and are now proceeding to shift production to other countries too. We are also considering manufacturing products in Europe and the U.S. on the principle of local production for local consumption.

Moreover, with the goal of returning to our roots as a manufacturing company, we are working on a reorganization to improve our in-house manufacturing capabilities in Japan and across the group as a whole and considering the introduction of an independent accounting system. Starting with the "Manufacturing 2015 Project" to integrate the departments engaged in the manufacturing process (R&D, Production, Quality Assurance, Intellectual Property) into a single functional entity to ensure a unified response to the demands of customers and markets, we are aiming not only speed up our response but also improve productivity and realize cost savings


We are currently marshalling the strengths of the JCM Group as a whole as we implement measures to meet the objectives set out in the Medium-term Rolling Plan announced on February 12, 2014, for the period up to end of fiscal 2015 (March 2016).


We gratefully look forward your continued guidance and support.