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Company Information

“JCM = Global Standard for Money Handling”

As a pioneer of money handling in the casino industry, JCM established the industry standard and continues to drive development in the field.
We will make money transactions safe and secure as experts in money handling with advanced technology and flexible thinking.

  • Greeting  From Yojiro Kamihigashi, President of JCM
  • Management Principles  Sets out the “Management Principles” of JCM
  • Company Outline Introduces basic information about the company, including date of foundation, capital stock, location
  • Our Core Businesses Introduces the main areas of our businesses.
  • History  Introduces the history of JCM so far.
  • CSR  Introduces CSR activities we are pursuing through our business.
  • Group Structure  Introduces the JCM Group.
  • Access  Provides JCM addresses, maps and how to access.