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Three Strengths

JCM technology supports currencies in more than 140 countries and regions worldwide, contributing to building and maintaining people's trust in money. Currently, there is a growing demand for efficiency and high security in currency processing all over the world, especially in emerging countries.
Our purpose is to further advance the core technology we have developed so far and be a truly global company, continuing to creating new markets and value in money circulation.


JCM Technology for Validating Currencies all around the World

JCM Core Technologies

Currency validation algorithms

There is a huge variety of money in the world. There are difference in micro text, watermarks and materials (made of plastic etc.) between bills. The usage environment and methods also differ between countries or regions. We have created validating algorithms to support currencies all over the world based on currency-related information (including information on counterfeiting and alterations) obtained from our own network.

Sensing Technology

The sensors for currency processing are extremely sensitive. It is sometimes not enough to read bills by sensors with excellent functionality for reading printed materials. JCM seek new technologies, without making compromise, by developing our own validation sensors with sensor manufacturers. We also strive to improve the cost- performance ratio for sensors such as imaging sensors which can be expensive.

Mechatronics Technology

Our mechatronics technology can accurately convey, sort and gather currencies in the world of various sizes, materials and conditions by simply changing the validation software. The advanced technologies we have developed for currency processing are applied to various sectors and allow us to offer innovative business solutions.

Robust Technology for Harsh Usage Environments

Currencies are sometimes used in harsh or inhospitable environments. JCM design and manufacture our products considering a wide range of environmental factors including static electricity, temperature, humidity, dust, wind and rain, lengthy operation times and criminal activity. Our highly robust technologies accumulated through these factors create a safe and stable money circulation and are adopted all over the world.

Challenge of the Quality-Cost Balance

Our products are used as components in money-handling machines in the world and are generally required to offer superb functionality while holding down cost. JCM are constantly engaged in the development of our core technology along with elemental technology to achieve the above difficult balance and ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.

Global Expansion

Sales and Customer Support Systems

JCM offer sales and customer support services worldwide based on the network we have built up in gaming markets. We have a quick and precise customer support system and we actively offer new business solutions to our customers, collecting and making use of data from our markets.

Approaches to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

JCM carry out regular training for casino hall staff by JCM instructors, who have expert knowledge of casino operation and special technologies, to enhance product knowledge and cover maintenance, adjustment and replacement of the products. We provide the support through our various training programs offering technical help and know-how to help our customers use our products to the maximum extent possible.

Production System

JCM have an integrated production system from development to assembly. Our domestic plant is located at Nagahama-city in Shiga Prefecture, and we have overseas production bases in the Philippines. We have also established an international procurement organization to promote full integration of our domestic and overseas production capabilities by encouraging standardization and cost reductions in parts procurement on a global basis.

Overseas plants

Quality Assurance

JCM has created a quality management system uniquely as a quality assurance network to ensure reliability of our products. One characteristic of this system is an SQA (Software Quality Assurance) Department for evaluating the quality of currency validating software, which makes up our core technology. This department has four bases, located in Japan, the United States, Germany and Thailand. SQA consists of two sections; “Quality Assurance”, in which currency information worldwide is gathered to uniform quality standards globally and lead to design review, and “Quality Control” to encourage standardization in our manufacturing operations. We always aim to make further quality progress by promoting improvement of quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) suited for our customers,

Business Integrity

JCM Group strive to uphold our company values by making prompt and appropriate business judgment. We ensure a high level of management transparency through the appointment of external directors, and establish a corporate governance system capable of monitoring management operations objectively.

Gaming Licensing

The gaming industry, including casinos, impose strict laws and regulations on the manufacture and sales of gaming machines to ensure legitimate management free from any connection to criminal organizations. JCM Group, both companies and board members, have undergone rigorous investigation and we currently hold more than 200 gaming licenses in North America alone. We will continue to update existing licenses and to acquire new ones to retain the trust in our management which place value on the importance of compliance.

Overseas Gaming Licensing