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Company Outline

As of March 31, 2018

Name Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.
Established January 11, 1955.
Head Office 2-3-15 Nishiwaki, Hirano-ku, Osaka 547-0035 Japan
President Yojiro Kamihigashi
Lines of business R&D and manufacture of money-handling machines and amusement center machines
Bank reference Resona Bank, Ltd, (Namba Branch)
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Ltd. (Abeno Branch)
Capital JPY 2,216 million
Number shares issued 29,662,851 shares
Number of shareholders 19,624
Listed stock market 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Number of employees
JPY 29,860 million (as of period ending March, 2018)
JPY 9,958 million

As of June 27, 2018

Management [Directors]  
Chairperson Koichiro Kamihigashi
President Yojiro Kamihigashi
Executive Director Hisashi Maki
Director, Senior Operating Officer Tsuyoshi Takagaki
Director Yasuhiko Yoshimura
Director, Senior Operating Officer Yoshihiro Iuchi
Outside Director Brian Andrew Smith *1 *3
Outside Director Yoshikawa Koji *1 *3
Full-time Corporate Auditor Mitsuhiro Ueno *2 *3
Full-time Corporate Auditor Shigeru Yamazawa
Outside Corporate Auditor Hideyuki Koizumi *2 *3
Outside Corporate Auditor Hiroshi Morimoto *2
[Operating Officers]  
Senior Operating Officer Michimasa Teraoka
Senior Operating Officer Haruaki Nakao
Senior Operating Officer Norihito Nakatani
Senior Operating Officer Takatomo Imai
Operating Officer Ichiro Iwai
Operating Officer Makoto Hasegawa
Operating Officer Takayuki Takeda
Operating Officer Masaru Shikata

*1 Outside Director *2 Outside Corporate Auditor *3 Independent Director